Ikiwiki cheat sheet for my purposes

Internal help pages

my ikiwiki tips on various problems
directive, list of all directives
img directive|ikiwiki/directive/img
inline directive
meta directive
pagespec, match pages
tag taglinks directive

External help pages

otimising ikiwiki
ikiwiki plugin directory
multi-lingual wiki with po4a
ikiwiki wordpress importer 1
ikiwiki wordpress importer 2
command line, usage ikiwiki
google's webmaster tool tips
matching pages according to creation or modification times
setup ikiwiki by hand
setup git
usage Ikiwiki
repositories for ikiwiki if I want to commit locally
moderated comments
navigation bar
plugins gautam
insert anchors
medspx.fr, ikiwiki tips

Forum ikiwiki

change default menu items
install perlmagic and maybe imagemagick